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“I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them, so I got rich and gave back to me that’s a win-win” – Moment of Clarity – Jay-Z

The Darkness Whatever Happened To...Song list

The beauty of using a cloud based music service like Google Music is that you get to have your entire music collection at your finger tips. If you’re like me, even getting a 64GB iPhone wasn’t going to cut it to store all my music, but Google Music did the trick.

Some people might think having 20,000 songs at your fingertips is a bit overwhelming and it can be, but every once in a while it comes out as being completely AWESOME.

Picture this, I’m driving down the road and at a stoplight rocking out to Guns N’ Roses when all of a sudden Mr. Brownstone comes to an end and the next song comes on…I was stopped dead in my tracks when the smooth beat to Guerrilla Black’s You’re The One came on my stereo.

WOAH! Whatever happened to Guerrilla Black, I thought to myself. It got me thinking, I bet there are some other hidden gems in my music collection that I have completely forgotten about too, and I was right. There are a lot of artists that I thought were going to be mega-stars that just fell off the planet after one mildly successful hit or two. I don’t consider these artists one hit wonders, because to me those are gimmicky artists that you hear their first single and expect them to fade into obscurity, but these artists you hear and they sound like they’ll have staying power. They didn’t.

Here are some of my favorites that I wish I had stuck around for a longer career then they had. Who am I missing? Share them in the comments below.

Guerrilla Black ft. Mario Winans – You’re The One: Listen | Buy this track

Ahmad – Back In The Day: Listen | Buy this track

Alana Davis – 32 Flavors: Listen | Buy this track

FeFe Dobson – Take Me Away: Listen | Buy this track

Evanescence – My Immortal: Listen | Buy this track

Duffy – Mercy: Listen | Buy this track

K’Naan – ABC’s: (might be a little early to write him off…) Listen | Buy this track

Ciara – Like A Boy: Listen | Buy this track

Raheem Devaughn – Friday (Shut The Club Down): Listen | Buy this track

The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love: Listen | Buy this track

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